Concrete Night

| 96
| English German

Awaiting his prison sentence, Ilkka spends his last night of freedom with his younger brother Simo, who's searching for his own identity, in Helsinkis surreal concrete-jungle. Their helpless and unpredictable single mother persuades Simo to spend his last night with his brother. Through the night the brothers witness incidents they would rather not see which lead Simo to finding his lacking identity, his true face. Director Pirjo Honkasalo wrote the film script based on the merciless novel Concrete Night by Pirkko Saisio, which was published in 1981. The script has been adapted to modern times. The 30-year-old novel foreshadows life today. CONCFRETE NIGHT offers a "gorgeous, properly muted, sharp and contrasted black and white photography, synced perfectly with a notable set of classical music pieces." (