Coming and Going

| 89 min
| Chinese English German Spanish (Spain)

Tianlin Xu, Gold Remi winner at the WorldFest Houston, tells in her documentary film COMING AND GOING the story of four Chinese boys and their hopes, dreams and the challenges they face. The film tells the coming-of-age story of two siblings from two different families living as neighbors in the Chinese backcountry. Two orphaned teenage brothers, Long (18) and Cheng (16), leave their remote mountain village behind to seek their fortune in two separate major cities. Meanwhile, their young neighbors, Jun (11) und Qiang (8), anxiously await the return of their father, a migrant worker who left the village a year ago. "Well in the country, you can just kind of get by for years without having money. But in the city you can’t go a day without it. In rural areas there is always food in the fields, but in the city you have to pay for every little thing." (Cheng)