Kinder & Familie
| 14
| German (Germany) English (United States)

Ben Adler's short film COACH, winner of the Generation 14+ Award at the 65th Berlinale, has soccer at its heart. A father and his soccer crazy son never dreamed they would wind up on this chartered bus! They had driven their own car from England to get to an international match in Paris, but a breakdown changes everything. Now they find themselves on busload of chanting English fans who have kindly offered to take them along. Huge flags are draped out of the windows, beer cans make the rounds, aggressive chants are belted out, and dirty jokes and nationalist slogans are shared. There is raucous laughter and plenty of swagger. The boy’s father, a somewhat staid, conservative type, feels like a fish out of water, but his son finds all this unfamiliar uncouthness irresistible. Things come to a head at a highway service station. The father wants to leave the bus, but his son is determined not to miss the game in Paris. A story about a clash between a father and his son – with an unexpected ending.