Cloud Making Machine

| 75 min
| German English French Slovenian

The three young new Berliners Batoul, Firas and Jallow dream of the good life with access to arts studies, a rapper career, or just a simple work permit. They first meet in an emergency refugee facility on the outskirts of Berlin, where living containers are lined up next to billowing smokestacks. All three find warmth in a theater group family. They reveal their deepest emotions in video letters to their families and friends who still live in war torn or poverty stricken homelands. "Susanne Dzeik has succeeded in making an impressive and sensitive film with CLOUD MAKING MACHINE.The film takes you along, touches emotionally, enrages, and gives hope, because it describes three young people who had to experience the unimaginable and don't crumble because of it." (Neues Deutschland)