Captain Berlin versus Hitler

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German (Germany)
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1973: Adolf Hitler's former personal physician Ilse von Blitzen wants to revive the dictator. Only Captain Berlin can stop her. Twenty seven years after his first appearance, it's CAPTAIN BERLIN VERSUS HITLER for Germany's only superhero. Berlin cult director Jörg Buttgereit has filmed his stage play (based on a radio play in turn inspired by Buttgereit's 1982 short film) as a slice of “pop anti-fascism” (Marcus Stiglegger) before “Iron Sky” was even a twinkle in its creator's' eyes. The story goes that after the Nazis took power during 1933, the resistance took great pains to find a way to end Adolf Hitler’s evil dictatorship. They formulated a plan to bio-engineer super-human assassins, eventually finding their man in one ‘Captain Berlin’ (Jürg Plüss). However, Captain Berlin’s attempt on the life of the fuehrer was unsuccessful, subsequently forcing him to go underground and adopt a new identity. It’s now 1973 in West Berlin; the former Captain has been carving out a living as a leftwing journalist, whose communist writings have been greatly upsetting the sexy but slightly deranged Dr. Ilse von Blitzen (Claudia Steiger) - former personal physician of Hitler. Fortunately for her, toward the end of WWII, Hitler’s attempt in taking his own life backfired: he managed to miss his own brain, which was hurriedly gathered by the feisty red-head so that she might one day resurrect him. 28 years later von Blitzen creates a body from the bones and tissue of fallen soldiers to provide a vessel for Hitler’s googly-eyed brain. But von Blitzen needs one more thing: the blood of Dracula (Adolfo Assor), who has been laying dormant in a crypt on the outskirts of Brandenburg. With his blood she can grant Hitler immortality and unimaginable powers, but she’s going to have to present the count with a young virgin...