Cancelled Faces

| 80 min
| English (United States) German

A man, striving for autonomy, in fear of being absorbed by his lover. Lior Shamriz’s black and white production CANCELLED FACES deals with cultural and historical appropriation. Elements of the New Queer Cinema, American pop culture, Biblical history, and fetish fashion are singled out, taken out of context, then re-contextualized and integrated into an unconventional narrative that consciously recites cinematic conventions at the same time. Seoul today, when Unk hits Boaz with his scooter, an amour fou takes its course between the two Young men. But soon, striving for autonomy, Unk starts living in fear of being absorbed by his lover. Meanwhile, in a TV series, a poet faces the fall of Jerusalem two thousand years ago. In the form of what could be called a cinematic mash-up, Cancelled Faces alienates cultural signifiers and opens a view to the concept of alienation on various levels. The personal alienation of two lovers inside a relationship, the cultural alienation of subjects in a globalized consumer culture and lastly, the alienation of concepts of national, sexual, or cultural identity. (Berlinale Festival)