Break Free - Two People. Two Years. One Dream

Action & Abenteuer
| 120
| German

When Lena and Ulli start the engine of their old Land Rover they have a plan: drive from Hamburg to South Africa in six months. What they don't know yet is that they won't get there. Ulli and Lena want to take six months off and drive from Hamburg to South Africa. They never arrive there. Instead, they roll through West Africa for almost two years in their old Land Rover Terés and the nearly 40-year-old roof camper that Ulli's godmother gave them. Lena and Ulrich have succeeded in creating "an outstanding travel documentary the likes of which are rarely seen" because "the documentary offers more excitement than many a big Hollywood production - because the adventures are real." And is at the same time "a damn effective source for generating wanderlust." (