Berberian Sound Studio

| 92 min
| French Dutch German

A mind-twisting homage to the Italian “giallo” horror flicks of the 1970's, with perception-questioning references to “Blow Up” and “Blow Out” thrown in. In the 1970s, a British sound technician named Gilderoy (Toby Jones) is brought to Italy to work on the sound effects for a film. What he thought was a movie about horses turns out to be a gory horror flick. His nightmarish task slowly takes over his psyche, driving him to confront his own past. BERBERIAN SOUND STUDIO recreates in a highly original way the pleasures of Italian “giallo” horror cinema while at the same time deconstructing how movies shape perception of the world. The suitably creepy, gothic score was composed and performed by British electronica band Broadcast.