Bellaria – As Long As We Live!

| 94 min

The Bellaria is a small Viennese art house cinema where time seems to stand still. Here, the movies are as old as the audience. Here, old time movies are on the bill, not blockbusters. The audience are old timers too and the meet here every afternoon at four in the afternoon. BELLARIA – AS LONG AS WE LIVE! won numerous awards and played at festivals around the world. There's the lady who is actually quite happy to be a widow and who saves from her food budget to buy her movie ticket. There's the gentleman who, alongside his mother, worships Zarah Leander above all others. And then there's the cinema projectionist who sits among his film reels and philosophizes about sex and the absence of it. They are all united by their love for the movies from their youth, which in retrospect seems so rosy.