Beautiful Boy

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In an unusually serious role, Steve Carell (The Office) shines as a desperate father of a drug-addicted teenager (Timothée Chalamet - Call Me by Your Name, Dune). Carell plays David Sheff, a father who is as kind as he is loving and who seems to have done everything right with his wife Vicky. When their son Nic becomes a drug addict, David can't believe it, he can't stop it, and he does everything he can to get his son back. Felix van Groeningen's film is based on the memoirs of David Sheff and his son Nic and is a "drama well cast right down to the supporting roles" ( "Timothée Chalamet once again proves how multi-faceted he can act alongside Carell. The way Chalamet interprets this never-ending succession of failures and pleas, of promises, breaches of trust and injuries is simply magnificent." (