Beat Beat Heart

| 87
| English (United States)

A playful romanticist has been actively waiting for months for the return of her great love – when suddenly her newly separated mother moves in. BEAT BEAT HEART is a German Mumblecore comedy about love and desire: Kerstin (Lana Cooper) believes in love with all her heart and has been waiting for the return of her ex-boyfriend Thomas (Till Wonka) for months. She has made herself comfortable wallowing in sweet memories, when her mother Charlotte (Saskia Vester) suddenly turns up a ther door and wants to move into her apartment. That mother and daughter could't be more different in dealing with their breakups becomes clear when Charlotte - in full mid-life crisis mode - gets inspired by Kerstin's roommate Maya (Christin Nichols) to meet new men via a dating app (and bring them home!).