Auf der Suche nach Heilern oder Ich bin ein Hypochonder

| 83 min

This film is a self-experiment. Director Rosa von Praunheim experiments with alternative medicine and seeks out faith healers to cure his ailments and experience enlightenment. The self-admitted hypochondriac and filmmaker Rosa von Praunheim is suffering from asthma and unbearable headaches and he searches for a cure through alternative means. In an introspective, yet extroverted and humorous manner, he explores the world beyond conventional medicine and documents his encounters with faith healers, shamans, humor therapists as well as with the monk Anselm Grün and the plant scientist Wolf-Dieter Storl. “The abundant offer of alternative healing methods is fascinating. I decided – without judgment and in good faith – to believe everything and every one, because this is what distinguishes us from animals.” (Rosa von Praunheim)