As Happy as Possible

| 95
French (France)
| English

Salome gets a summer job at a landfill in her home village. Under a blazing sun, in this alien place, her rebellious youth catches up with her. After years, Salomé returns to the village of her childhood for a summer job. As the only employee she supervises a garbage dump in the middle of nowhere, her apartment is an old construction truck. Little by little, some lost souls break into the timelessness of the place and Salomé's loneliness. The participant in a TV reality show has abandoned her role and is looking for a new format for her life. A depressed cyclist stops at the dump. All of them and Salomé are united by a longing: for departure, change, going crazy. Under the glaring sun of southern France, the independent drama paints a portrait of a young generation between rebellion and resignation.