Army of Lovers or Revolt of the Perverts

| 98 min

Rosa von Praunheim made a documentary over seven years (1972-79) about the work and goals of the queer emancipation movement in the US, especially in New York and San Francisco. Only a very small part of the LGBTQ scene was willing to publicly stand up for rights before the 70s. However, during the years of Praunheim's documentary, a mass movement emerged that became one of the largest civil rights movements in the US. From interviews and demonstrations, Praunheim assembles a multi-layered, but thanks to a clear structure, well observed inventory of the LGBTQ scene at that time. "Army of Lovers has its own moments of sentimental stridency, but it´s a heartfelt, challenging, and often stirring film that deserves the widest possible audience." (J. Hoberman, Village Voice)