Aria le film

| 60 min
| English French German

How can you become a parent in France as a lesbian, gay or trans person if the laws forbid you to do so? Using the example of her own artificially inseminated pregnancy, Emilie Jouvet presents the difficulties faced by queer people who wish to have children in France. This movie proposes a diversity of stories and reflections on motherhood, parenthood, the desire or not to have a child through a series of portraits shot on smartphones. Millions of people, regardless of gender or sexual orientation, share the desire to have a child. But the path to pregnancy for queer people is often fraught with legal hurdles. ARIA was created on a request from the Museum of Contemporary Art in Geneva to produce a work for the Biennale of the Moving Image. At the time, Emelie Jouvet had just learned that she was finally pregnant.