| 26 min
| English French German

Noah hasn't seen his family for years. For his fathers funeral, he returns to their home town at the foot of Mount Ararat, where his brother lives in an unhappy marriage. Engin Kundağ from the International Film School Cologne premiered his graduation film ARARAT at the Berlinale's Perspektive Deutsches Kino. ARARAT received the highest Seal of Approval: Highly Recommended from the German Film and Media Ratings Office. Kundağ is the son of Turkish immigrants and deals in ARARAT with the question of lost identity. ARARAT was shot in his parents' home village. Noah has not seen his father for ten years. Shortly before his father dies, Noah makes the 3,000 mile journey to Mount Ararat but arrives too late, and has to bury his father at the foot of the legendary mountain. His tenderhearted brother still lives in his father’s old village where he leads an unhappy marriage with his spirited wife, who thinks of her husband as a weakling.