And On A Different Note

Icons & Media Art
| 25
| English (United States)

In his short film , shown at the at the Berlinale and at the Moma in New York, Mohammad Shawky Hassan chooses the subjective point of view of private space on the big political stage. How do a revolution, a coup d' état and the war on terror feel? Everyday images stand in opposition to a never-ending flood of sound fragments from Egyptian television (news, political talk shows and films). "The many layers that make up AND ON A DIFFERENT NOTE are part of his genius. The film is mainly in Arabic, but some of the written parts are in English, and the two languages often contradict each other. Shawky Hassan does not translate the Arabic dialogue word for word into English, but rather shortens the essentials by selecting only certain words in English subtitles and thus opening up new levels of meaning." (