As We Were Dreaming

| 117

Dani, Mark, Rico, Pitbull and Paul live in the intoxication of a special time. Years in which societies and systems collide and everything, really everything seems possible. "When we dreamed, the outskirts of Leipzig were the world. The GDR was gone and we were still there. Pitbull wasn't a dealer yet. Mark was not dead yet. Rico was the biggest boxer and Sternchen was the most beautiful girl, but she didn't love me as much as I loved her. Everything came differently. But it was our best time." The boys are thirteen when history begins in the GDR, seventeen when it ends in the new Germany. Wild and tenderly filmed director Andreas Dresen with ALS WIR TRÄUMTEN, Clemens Meyer's successful novel about a Leipzig youth clique at the time of the fall of communism.