Alky Alky

| 108 min

Comedy-drama ALKY ALKY by German Mumblecore wunderkind Axel Ranisch is an inventive take on the lighter and darker sides of alcoholism. Rotund, middle-aged architect Tobias (Heiko Pinkowski) is involved in a unique domestic arrangement with slightly younger doppelganger DeBottle, aka Flasche (Peter Trabner), who is cheerfully tolerate Tobias' wife Anika (Christina Grobe) and their three kids (played by Pinkowski’s actual offspring). Even when he ought to be tending the marital bed, Tobias is usually lured out for yet another night’s carousing with DeBottle. When a DUI incident puts the children in peril Anika is not amused. Nor is Tobias’ business partner Thomas (Thorsten Merten), who’s seen the demon alcohol ruin one deal too many.