| 83
| German

Daniel di Grado's ALENA is based on the Swedish graphic novel 'Alena' by Kim W. Andersson. Alena is from a poor background but is being transferred to an elite boarding school. Her posh classmate Filippa despises her and quickly turns all the other girls against her. What begins as verbal bullying soon turns towards physical abuse. The only person Filippa is dying to befriend is Fabienne, one year senior - trendy and rich. But Fabienne has taken an interest in Alena. This relationship is not only a grievance for Filippa, but also to Alena’s jealous friend from the past - Josefin. "Everything about this film is exquisite, from its gorgeously textured cinematography to the delicate performances of its stars. Nothing has been left to chance, and the result is compelling viewing." (Jennie Kermode, Eye for Film)