| 93 min
| English French German Italian Spanish

After the suicide of her brother 17-year-old, Rebekka falls into a deep depression. She finds a way to deal with her pain through the dead man's best friend, and falls in love. A coming-of-age drama with mystery elements, told in intoxicating images and sensitively acted. A young woman's search for answers collides with the emotional confinement of her surroundings. Rebekka grows up secluded village in the Black Forest. She is popular with everyone, has had a boyfriend for a long time and seems to lead a carefree life. But appearances are deceptive: since her older brother Dennis jumped to his death two years ago, the family idyll is nothing but a façade. "An unusually high number of suicides and murders occurred in the small village in the Black Forest where I grew up - among the victims was my best friend. Close friends and relatives usually feel powerless and lost, as do the sufferers themselves. I want to give space to these feelings with "Albträumer"." (Director Philipp Klinger)