A Regular Woman

| 93 min
| English French

On February 7, 2005, Hatun Sürücu was shot dead by her brother on the open street in Berlin because she did not abide by the strict rules of her family of origin. Unsuspectingly, Aynur (Almila Bagriacik - 4 Blocks) accompanied her brother Nuri (Rauand Taleb - 4 Blocks) to the bus stop, while only a few hundred meters away in the apartment her five-year-old son Can was sleeping. How did this happen? In ONLY A WOMAN, Aynur tells her story. It is the story of a self-confident young woman who loves life and knows exactly how she wants to live it. The film, almost documentary-like in its meticulous research, directed by Sherry Hormann (Desert Flower, 3096 Days) and produced by Sandra Maischberger, reconstructs the background of the crime.