A Low Life Mythology

Love & Sex
| 80
| English (United States)

Mana lives in her own world, smokes weed and all her energy flows into her films. But when she meets Asten at a party, everything changes. Shot on location in Berlin in high-definition cinemascope, A LOW LIFE MYTHOLOGY is a contemporary love story in the heart of Europe, of two passionate young persons, whose sense of reality is too frequently mediated by a failure to ‘live in the moment’ and by computer screens. A love story between two videographers who mix life and art. So as a result their own works are capsules of momentary perspectives they had on their life. Mana, 28, originally from the fictional Kakabuka, lives in Berlin on a student visa she was granted to attend a technical film school she hates. She is a productive video artist, but most of the time she is stoned and gets herself kicked out of apartments faster than the seasons change. She productively makes her short videos, but never seems to care about showing them or taking care of a career. She is trapped in the tunnel connecting her art and her life. She meets Asten (22) at a boring house party, they have sex and fall in love and she immediately lets him into her life and into her work. A native Berliner who is in touch more with what he doesn't want than with the things he really wants. Their story takes place in the “in between”, never in the ""now"".