A Good Man

| 107 min
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Benjamin is a nurse, Aude is a dance teacher, six years of love unite them strongly since their encounter in a club, when Benjamin was still called Sarah. Six years of struggle before Benjamin finally obtained his legal identity of male, towards which he is progressively transforming his body. But their desire for a child totally shakes up their equilibrium and forces them to try and redefine their place in and their relationship to the world. They are now stepping into totally unknown territory, because their only solution for having a child is that Benjamin carry the baby. "A journey that is very affecting and which Marie-Castille Mention-Schaar retraces with a precise and attentive eye, alternately tugging on and letting go of our heartstrings and without foregoing a few moments of lyricism and harmony in the (extra) ordinary quest of these two characters, flag-bearers of the fluidity of our times." (Cineuropa)