A Decent Man

| 111 min
| English German

When Eddie is brutally attacked on the street, he falsely accuses Ahmed, whose life falls apart when he is wrongly accused of the crime, while Eddie profits from his victimhood. Suddenly, Eddie becomes a hero to his son and the victim of a vicious crime to his wife. His life takes a turn to the good. But when Ahmed, the perfect scapegoat for the attack, is charged, the accusation sucks Eddie into an infernal spiral of self-doubt and lies. Director Emmanuel Finkiel was inspired by the misfortune that a close friend suffered. "Looking uncomfortably deep into the theme of the “relationship between you, the image of yourself and the images others have of you”, Finkiel paints an uncompromising picture of humanity through this tale." (Cineuropa) "For brutal emotional impact, there is nothing like this film out now. See it, but be prepared. It may haunt you for a long time." (Film Forward)