38 - Vienna Before the Fall

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German (Germany)

Sunnyi Melles and Tobias Engel face challenges as a couple in Austria 1938. She is a promising actress while he is writer and Jewish. A joint future for them is not possible. The young actress Carola Hell (Sunnyi Melles) is about to start a promising career in 1938 - just before Hitler’s invasion of Austria. She hopes to be able to live her love for the Jewish writer Martin Hoffmann (Tobias Engel) without getting involved in politics. They try to ignore the political changes in a country where fascism prevents them from having a chance…Based on the novel “Auch das war Wien” (This was Vienna, too) by Friedrich Torberg, director Wolfgang Glück (“Der Schüler Gerber”) illustrates an little-known chapter of German-Austrian history. 38 – VIENNA BEFORE THE FALL was nominated for the Oscar of Best Foreign Film.