Pierrot Lunaire

Musik, Tanz, Theater
| 50 min
German (Germany)

This musical drama features a woman who dresses as a man to court a young girl. Bewildering game of gender identities” with a soundtrack of Arnold Schönbergs Musik. In 1912 actress Albertine Zehme asked composer Arnold Schönberg to set to music part of the Pierrot Lunaire-poems by the Belgian Albert Giraud. Schönberg arranged 21 of the 50 poems for five musicians and a female singer. In 2013 LaBruce transposed Pierrot Lunaire to the streets of Berlin to film a dark story of longing, love, and transgression. This film features a soundtrack with conductor Premil Petrovic’s interpretation of Schönberg’s musical melodrama, sung by lead actress Susanne Sachsse.