| 84 min
| English (United States) Spanish (Spain) French (France)

As a child, Veronika Raila was certified with an IQ of zero. Today she studies literature and theology and publishes poetry and prose. An award-winning and beautifully animated journey into the creative world of Veronika Raila. As a child her IQ tested as zero due to Asperger syndrome, but today she creates as a poet and cross-platform artist. Veronika Raila has lived with Asperger syndrome and physical disabilities since her childhood, using assisted communication to express her thoughts. In SANDGIRL, the young author invites you on a subtle and poetic journey inside the secret, captivating creative world of her heightened imagination, expressed through beautiful sand art work and animation. Weaved throughout the film is Raila’s shared communication with director and screenwriter Mark Michel.